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Fabulous people to work with. Certainly going to buy from them again!

Jack Nicholson
Ridger Drilling Inc.

Our Capabilities

TURBINE OVERHAUL US & Gulf Energy Group. is Contracting the Gas Turbines and also, the complete Power Station Overhauling along with commissioning and standard test running among with dedicated the time and OEM Spare parts. Delivering the final job quality certificate to the respected Clients along with the factory warranty and OEM quality Guaranteed. US & Gulf Energy Group, is formed by the Group of the sophisticated Turbines ,Power Plants and Energy related companies with several different teams and locations, in: USA,Germany, Ireland, UK and MID.EAST. this great experts & combination caused to bring more accessibility and confidants to the respected clients. and because of this Technically & structural form, made our group more capable to have any kinds of the Energy related services to the Power industrial sectors. This is why we are doing the Full Turnkey Power plant with variable size and technical styles, we are doing full power plant overhaul even single unit of Turbine, we are doing full Turbine packaging( land mounted and also, Portable power plant. Due to the GENSET. TURBO PUMPS, And TURBO COMPRESSOR over hauling and Packaging which are as of the Technical and professional ambassadors around the world for example Overhaul more than 85 Siemens, more than 60 GE.s, 42 Solars and 30 Roy’s rolls services and over than above been packaged then, you as our client feel totally free to asking for any above services.Our group’s technical activities is going on around the world since over 45 years ago.

POWER PLANTS & COMPRESSORS Gas Turbine Generator Is good sophisticated company to design, procurement, Fabrication, Installation, and Commissioning the Turnkey Power Plant Projects from 1MW to 270MW or larger. Or we are able to provide our clients the designated Gas Turbine Generator for any size of the power needing. Operation will be contracted base on the customer application.
US & Gulf Energy, Group is Supplying the Varieties of the Gas Turbine Pumps & Compressor for the Gas Pipe lines, Gas Injection Projects,and also Gas Turbine Pump stations.
OUR ROOTS The Root of the US & Gulf Energy is formed before 1985 As of the Harrison Energy In Texas and company renovated in 1994 as of the Electronics and Power In State of Missouri and also Metro electric in Texas along with following as of the Sophisticated Oil & Gas Supplier under the name of the ( US & Gulf Energy Group with more power and several teams) which our access to the most high Tech Manufacturers and OEM providers built the structural of this Company.
WARRANTY Peaceful Warranty is offering to the respected clients and all after sold problems will be resolved at the customer sites or at our technical sources shops in order to bring more peaceful confident to field operation and keep safe running o the plants production, And based on the above.

Leader & Work team just in Houston TX

Abbas Ahmadi. EE. MS
President & Principal Control Systems Designer

Dr. Ali Hozhabri EE. Ph.D
Consultant, Power Generation & Distribution Analysis, Projects Manager

K.Massad EE.Ph.D
Control Systems Specialist / Control Systems Principal Consultant / Turbine & Power Plant / Petro Chemical Plants & Specialist Overhaul Team Player.

Dr. Behrouz Rouzbehani PhD.
Chemical Engineer — Petro Chemicals, Refinaries, LPG Plants, Vessels & Pipeline.