Abbas Ahmadi. EE. MS , ME.

President & Control systems Designer.


             Dr. Hojat  Oil Reservoir Engineer              Oil Reservoir Developer


              Dr. Ali Hozhabri EE. Ph.D, .

Consultant, Power Generation and distribution analysis, projects Manager .


                  Dr. David Cardan EE. Ph.D, PE.

Principal Control Systems analysis

                    Keith Robinette EE.PE

Electrical & Control Systems

                   Guy Angelle

Control Systems Designer

                   Dr. K.Massad EE.Ph.D

Control Systems Specialist,Control Systems principal consultant, Turbine & Power                       Plant,Petro Chemical Plants & Especial Overhaul team player.

                    Bob Lancy

Electrical construction Estimator

                     Charles Kircihnef 

Electrical Project Foreman

                      Farhad Mohammadzadeh ME.PE

Mechanical & HVAC Engineer Consultant<strong

                    Andrew Paelue

Master Electrician  and Power consultant.