1 MW. Gas Turbine

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Category: Gas Turbines & Power Plant
Status: Available

Product Description

In a world where access to affordable, reliable, high quality energy is a vital issue for businesses and communities, in both developed and developing economies, distributed generation (DG) and combined heat and power (CHP) systems provide flexible, energy efficient solutions for all applications in all regions. This 1MW turbine-based generation system is designed for maximum flexibility and the highest availability on both liquid and gaseous fuels with heat values as low as 450BTU/cuft. This 1MW is a compact, fully contained, turbine generating system designed for maximum ease of integration into a wide range of alternative fuel applications. The system is using a proven aero-derivative turbine with over 40 million hours of operation specifically modified for alternative fuel operation (including a special fuel system specifically designed for the alternative fuel). Its components include industry proven gearbox, generator, auxiliary systems with state of the art control and monitoring system. The unique combination of hardware in CAI Spirit 1MW results in a generating system providing high reliability and availability along with excellent heat recovery performance of a turbine at a cost that is competitive with conventional reciprocating engine generating systems. In addition, the flexibility of the turbine’s combustion system allows it to operate on a variety of liquid and gaseous fuels such as diesel oil, methane, propane, and natural gas. is also well suited for Landfill Gas fueled applications where there is a use for the recoverable heat or where high level of availability is important. Furthermore,

  • Spirit 1MW is ideally suited for remote installations requiring long intervals between maintenance activities and the ability to operate on alternative fuels. 1MW is available as a skid-mounted and packaged generator designed to easily be integrated into existing or new facilities. Optional equipment such as sound attenuated and weather proof enclosures, power distribution panels, fuel processing skids, compressor wash systems, inlet air fogging systems and packaged heat recovery systems are also available.

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